Nuans helps your business to

resolve conflicts

When your business is faced with serious disputes, Nuans offers conflict management and litigation support. 

We settle disagreements between parties through negotiation, mediation and drafting out-of-court settlements to avoid costly legal proceedings.

If disputes remain unsettled, we assist and represent you in every phase of court proceedings.

Negotiation and conflict management

In cases of conflict, our lawyers work alongside our clients to find an appropriate out-of-court solution to an emerging dispute. We believe that through negotiation, creative thinking and successful representation, costly legal proceedings can be avoided. Where required and unavoidable, Nuans intervenes and assists in legal proceedings and litigation strategy.


Nuans assists in a variety of corporate and commercial litigation matters and has in-depth strategic and legal experience in complex conflict resolution. We conduct or assist in cease-and-desist proceedings, claiming damages, IP litigation such as trademark opposition and invalidity proceedings, domain name disputes, etc. Furthermore, Nuans has a great deal of expertise with directors’ liability, joint venture disputes, shareholder conflicts and post-closing litigation, complex distressed restructuring and insolvency matters. Our lawyers support companies subjected to audits or inspections by authorities such as data protection authorities.

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