Keypoint supplies software and services for property management.

Interviewee: Tijs Corneillie – Co-founder and director
of Keypoint

Legal assistance in Keypoint’s software projects

Nuans assisted us in the legal set-up of a partnership program, the financing of the project and the development and use of customized software for professional property management services.

Contract drafting

Nuans drafted and prepared well-negotiated partnership agreements, software license agreements, loan agreements and data processing agreements for Keypoint.

Nuans also assisted us in updating our existing customer agreements, terms and conditions and SLA and in data protection compliance.

A strong partnership

The most positive aspect of our collaboration was that Andy Beeckwee and Sander Vanderheyde were quick to understand our business, that they gave a lot of useful input themselves and that they swiftly transposed practice into a solid legal framework.

I would recommend Nuans because their expertise is second to none. The collaboration between Andy and Sander is also excellent. They each have their own competences and they genuinely complement one another.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Very pleasant and direct, definitely worth repeating!

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