John & Jane

John & Jane is an audiovisual production company specialized in sound systems, lighting, visuals and decor for events.

Interviewee: Katrien Vermeire – Managing Director of John & Jane.

Assistance in IP disputes

We reached out to Nuans Law in relation to an IP / trademark dispute. When we discovered that John & Jane’s branding was being copied by a large foreign player, Nuans was recommended to us and they did an outstanding job of helping, supporting, and advising us. They explained the legal implications to us, what steps we could take and what cost would be involved. They took on the role of advisor and, at times, of sounding board.


Nuans Law assisted us with a merger during covid. Covid was a very difficult period for our sector, but at John & Jane we chose to go forward and Nuans Law couldn’t have been more supportive. Nuans Law fully guided us through the M&A transaction while making sure our interests were always at the forefront.

A powerful synergy

We’ve actually known each other for quite a while now, and that’s nice. They really understand John & Jane’s DNA. They know us as partners, they’re aware of where we want to put the emphasis, they think along with us, while always keeping our DNA in mind. That results in a strong and powerful synergy between Nuans and John & Jane.

Contract reviews and legal assistance

Whenever there’s a contract that needs to be reviewed, or if we have a question, or even in case of overdue invoices, Nuans takes care of it. They’re much more than a law firm. They also fulfill the role of mediator, they fight for you when necessary, they calm you down when needed, they carefully balance everything. That’s what makes them unique as a law firm. The synergy is just right, which is why I would certainly recommend Nuans Law to any company.

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