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EasyPost processes business mail, both physically and digitally. 

Interviewee: Bart Despontin – Managing Director of EasyPost Connect.

Data Protection

Since 2018, the GDPR applies. For many businesses in Belgium it was quite an undertaking to implement that legislation.

Nuans assisted us with the set-up of all compliance documentation, data protection implementation and the operational follow-up as well as with the data processing agreements and other contracts.


We appointed Nuans as our external Data Protection Officer to inform, advise, monitor compliance and to act as contact point for all data processing matters.

Nuans as part of our legal network

EasyPost does not have its own legal department. We do, however, work with a network of attorneys, each one specialised in their own field.

Nuans plays a crucial role in this network because they have a niche knowledge of data protection, intellectual property and technology. They also have a particular affinity with software.

A fruitful collaboration

At EasyPost, we couldn’t be more happy about our partnership with Nuans. Their approach is very professional.

EasyPost isn’t exactly an easy client. Often, we have last-minute requests that require prompt action and so far, Nuans has always serviced us promptly.

We have no hesitation in recommending Nuans because their professionalism and commitment is nothing short of exceptional. What’s more, they are remarkably flexible and have a very pleasant way of working.

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